Day use aka trailer-in                                                                       

This charge is for horses coming in to see professionals here (for lessons, chiropractic, saddle fitting, etc.) or to use the facility (i.e. ride the track or work in the indoor arena).  Depending on our volume of usage by our boarders, you can call and arrange to come ride or work your horse here at our discretion; we allow trailer-ins at times that are not busy.  This fee includes use of the arenas, track, washbays and turnouts.

One horse                                                                      15.00/day

2 horses in one trailer                                                      25.00/day

This fee does not apply to someone trailering in just to pick up or drop off a horse, whether it is your friend taking you for a trail ride or a delivery service.


Overnight boarding

This charge is for a horse staying overnight.  The stall fee includes bedding.  Overnight horses get feed (ours or yours) and parking of your rig, but not use of the facility.  Horses staying overnight must pay a separate use fee (see Trailer-In, above) to use the arenas and/or washbays.

Overnight - stall only                                           25.00/night

(facility use extra)                       

Overnight - turnout, weather permitting    15.00/night

2 horses in one turnout                                       20.00/night

(facility use extra)  


Rig parking

We do not charge to park and store one trailer per horse.  If you want to leave your truck or other vehicle here, we usually allow that for $25/month.  The occasional overnight is free.


Other storage

Long term boarders desiring long term space for a container, storage shed or other large gear may negotiate a monthly fee.  Smaller containers in front of your stall or in your tack room or grain room space are included in the monthly board.

As of January 1, 2018, blanketing is $36/month (meaning we put it on and take it off); half- blanketing (we do one or the other) is $18/month.

Prices subject to change

 For other services (Equiciser, medication, turn out, hand walking, vacation care, rehabilitation, etc.), contact Marie at American Canyon Training Center.