American Canyon Training Center offers numerous venues for working your horse.  We do not have trail access, but numerous trailheads are within a reasonable trailer ride.  See Frequently Visited Trails.

 Main outdoor arena (135' x 215')

The outdoor arena has room for a dressage court and a full jumping course.  The footing is a custom composite, supplemented and updated regularly, and is groomed daily. 


Determination! Jane and Maggie in the main arena

Lessons in the indoor arena


Lighted indoor arena (68' x 200') with mirrors

 The 68’ x 200’ indoor arena has two rows of low energy ceiling lights and one wall of mirrors.  One long side is open to cooling breezes in the summer and light in the winter.  The letters for a dressage court are permanently posted.  The indoor arena also has a composite sand and carpet footing which is groomed daily.


 The second outdoor arena aka the lower court

Formerly known as the sand court, our second outdoor arena has been upgraded with 3 rail white vinyl fencing, a better base and footing, and letters for Western dressage.



We have a 65’ high walled round pen with 4 pole lights. The footing is sand over rock.  Turnout, lunging and riding are allowed.  The roundpen is usable when wet and at night.


We have a 1/3 mile oval track around the arenas and the outside stalls.  The surface is annually renewed compost tilled into the native adobe clay.  We groom the surface regularly and water it when needed.  You may walk, trot, canter and gallop on the track.



Interior roadways and grass

American Canyon Training Center has dirt roads with gravel topping and drainage.  We also have grassy lanes and areas.  You may ride or handwalk or long line on the interior roads and grassy areas.