Boarding consists of the use of one stall and includes daily cleaning, bedding with rice hulls, feeding 3-4 times a day, simple supplements at mealtimes, trailer parking, use of the facility and general supervision.  We offer grass and alfalfa hay in whatever quantity and combination you want. See Feed.


Each stall occupant is allocated space in the tack rooms and grain rooms. A boarder with two horses gets more space than a boarder with one horse. We can usually accomodate some extra stuff but our capacity is not infinite and is intended for the gear you are using, not as a garage or storage locker.  Some gear can go in front of your stall, on the blanket bar or on the ground. See Other Services and Charges.


Beginning January 1, 2018, charges for basic boarding are:


Barn box stalls with paddocks                                 $ 650.00/mo.


Outside stalls with fenced 40' runs                                $ 650.00/mo.


We have 2 pipe pens with a roof, mats and bedding in the front half and 1 run with a shelter, offered when available for $450/mo.