ACTC offers a total of 70 indoor and outdoor stalls, all with outside space for the horse (see Barns) and nearby storage for tack and grain.

Your horse can work in the 135' x 215' main outdoor arena, the 65' x 185' lit indoor arena, the lower arena, the 65' roundpen (see Arenas and Track), the 6 horse Equiciser (see Equiciser) or on the 1/3 mile track. We are in the process of adding lights to the roundpen and building a covered lunging arena.


The middle barn breezeway

12 turnouts plus a trail course area and some limited off road riding offer a change of scene.  The turnouts can in the summer be used for short term boarding. 




ACTC viewed from the nearby trails at Lynch Canyon 

When the weather and light allow, you can walk, hand graze and ride on the track, the grass areas and the gravel roadways.


 The outdoor arena offers geotech footing.The indoor arena provides shade from the sun, shelter from the rain and a lighted venue at night.



The grooming barn has 6 washbays with hot and ambient water, plus 4 tackrooms and two offices.  The barns have brick breezeways where you can crosstie with a brick walkway between them.  The middle barn has a tack room and crosstie stall, plus an attached feed room with hookups for a washer/dryer.  The back barn has 2 new washbays and 2 crosstie stalls plus more office and storage rooms. 

 The new washbays have crossties and warm as well as cool water (not shown in photo but currently installed).

Boarders have the option to install fans, toys and other options in their stalls if they chose.

We caution that the barns are shared with barn cats, who may demand attention.