We buy an estimated one year supply of grass hay, usually local orchard grass, and local alfalfa hay every spring and summer.


Board costs the same amount regardless of whether your horse eats 2 flakes a day or 8 flakes a day.  We feed twice a day:  about 8:00 a.m. and about 4:30 p.m.  A noontime feeding is available upon request. Hay is put on the stall floor unless you request one of our feeders or install one of your own.  We may put the hay in the paddock or run upon request.  We will leave an extra flake in front of the stall for an evening feeding by you or your agent if you want.  You can change your feeding instructions as often as you like.  You can have any amount and combination of our hay your horse will eat.  Feeding instructions are posted on the front of each stall.


If you buy your own hay for some reason (e.g. allergies and other special diets), we will help you arrange a dry storage space for it and we will feed it to your horse, but we will not reduce your board or pay for your separate hay.


If your horse must eat pellets instead of hay, we will buy and store the bags and feed the pellets, but you must supply a watertight, verminproof container for them to go in front of the stall.  We will install one of our feeders or you can supply your own feeder.  We may ask you to pay extra for the pellets, depending on their cost.


We will feed a premixed bag or container of supplements from a stallside container at no charge once a day into any bucket or feeder you provide, or a set number of scoops of pellets, grain, All in One or whatever from a storage container you provide.  More complicated supplements, such as mixes or bran mashes, and medication can be administered for a separate charge.