Two offices open onto the grooming barn breezeway.

Bath time in the back barn Six bays with hot and cool water face the tackrooms.

Neighbors in the outside stalls share a fly mask


American Canyon Training Center has a side or middle barn with 7 box stalls, a tack room and a crosstie space; a back barn with 14 box stalls, 2 wash bays, 2 crosstie spaces, a tack room and an office; and 4 rows of outside stalls for a total of 70 stalls.  All stalls have outside space for the horse.  All stalls are bedded with rice hulls and cleaned daily.  The grooming barn has no stalls, only bays, tack rooms and offices.


Breezeway in the back barn

Barn Stalls

The side or middle barn and the back barn have matted box stalls with pipe paddocks. 

The 7 stalls in the middle barn are 12' x 14' with centered front doors that allow the horse's head to hang out.  They have 12' x 12' pipe paddocks. 

The 14 stalls in the back barn are 14' x 16' with centered front doors, most of which have openings so the horse can hang its head into the breezeway.  They have 14' x 24' paddocks with solid doors (although some boarders have modified their back doors to be Dutch doors).  We supply stall chains or stall guards for the back doors in the back barn.

Paddocks for the back barn

Outside stalls

The 46 outside stalls surround the main outdoor arena and the walkway to the indoor arena.  The stalls and runs vary in size.  The stalls are approximately 12' x 16' with 12' x 60' (give or take a few feet) runs enclosed by no climb post and wire fencing.  They all have Equistall grid flooring.  We will install mats for you on the floor or walls if you provide them.

There is a separate building with tack and feed storage for the outside stalls.

All stalls have gravity feed waterers.  A blanket rail is either on the front door or, in the middle barn, just across the breezeway.  The name of the horse, the horse's person, contact telephone numbers and feeding instructions are posted on the front of each stall.

 The paddocks, runs and end stall yards are topped with granite dust and compacted every few years to improve footing and drainage.

We use hot wire to protect the horses from each other and to preserve our fencing.  Not all horses need it and some need extra.  Hot wire can be added or removed as needed at your request and our discretion.

Boarders may, subject to our approval, modify their stall at their expense.  We will do the work if you pay for or supply the materials, or you can do it once we have approved it.  For example, various boarders have added plywood up to the lower rail of their paddocks and/or installed feeders, lights, toys and/or mineral blocks.  One boarder roofed part of her paddock.  Many boarders have put mats in their outside stalls.  Decorations and signage are allowed on your stall front, but we reserve the right to ask that you remove anything to which we object (so far this has never happened).